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Chris Jericho has no interest in having Brock Lesnar on his podcast

Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho currently hosts one of the more successful professional wrestling podcast on the internet, “Talk Is Jericho.” Jericho has hosted several fellow professional wrestlers on his podcast over the years. However, it looks like there’s one he has no interest in having on the show.

A fan recently took to Twitter and tagged several podcast hosts such as Tom Segura, Joe Rogan, and Jericho, asking them to try and get Brock Lesnar on their shows. Jericho responded bluntly, showing that he had zero interest in speaking to “The Beast”:

“Not interested.”

Jericho and Lesnar have a bit of history with one another. Lesnar allegedly stiffed Jericho with punches during the 2016 Royal Rumble. As a result, Jericho fed a line to Randy Orton, in the lead-up to Orton’s match with Lesnar at the 2016 SummerSlam show, in which he told Lesnar he’d beat him “no enhancements needed.”

Things came to a head backstage at SummerSlam of 2016, when Jericho allegedly confronted Lesnar about hitting Orton with elbows during their match, busting “The Viper” open. Things reportedly got physical, however, it’s unclear what happened exactly.

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