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Cody Rhodes reveals he may have injured his knee

After yesterday’s (Fri. November 9, 2018) Ring Of Honor show, Cody Rhodes believes he may have injured his knee. He took to Twitter shortly after the show to reveal the news. Cody said while he was going from one side of the crowd to the other, teasing a t-shirt toss, he heard a loud pop in his knee. He described it as “terrifying.”

Rhodes said he hopes the injury is minor and he’ll be ready to get back to action soon:

“Going from one side of the crowd to the other last night, teasing a t-shirt toss of all things…heard a loud POP in my knee. Terryfing. Hoping it was just a lil’ meniscus and Sunday I can still deliver.”

Rhodes is one of several ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling stars whose contracts are due to expire next year. He could be gearing up for a big move to another promotion once his ROH deal is up.

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