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Fist city to receive XFL team announced

The first city to receive a team for the upcoming XFL football league has been announced. Per a report from KSDK, St. Louis will be the first city to receive a team for the 2020 XFL relaunch. St. Louis is the first of eight cities that will receive a team. The remaining seven cities are to be named in the next week.

Back in 2015 St. Louis lost their NFL team, the Rams, to Los Angeles. Now, they’ll get football back thanks to the XFL. The report also states that St. Louis will play 10 games in the 2020 season, with five of those being played at the Dome at America’s Center. Vince McMahon has poured a ton of money into his XFL relaunch project.

He is expected to spend half-a-billion dollars after the first three years of operations. Per an SEC filing, WWE is a minority owner of the league. McMahon sold  $100 million worth of WWE stock in December to fund the XFL’s parent company, Alpha Entertainment.

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