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John Cena is ready to “truly return home” to WWE

16-time WWE World Champion John Cena has been on a hiatus from the squared circle recently. At this point in his career, Cena is really focusing on his acting career and making a name for himself in Hollywood. For the past several months, Cena has been away from regular WWE obligations in order to work on his upcoming “Project X” film in China with Jackie Chan.

The role has asked a lot of Cena, including relocating to China, making changes to his physical appearance, and even growing out his hair. However, Cena’s time in China is coming to an end, and he’s preparing to return to WWE very soon. He’ll be more active inside the ring in the coming months, likely to begin a build to a WrestleMania program in April.

Cena took to Twitter recently to comment on his WWE return, saying he’s ready to “truly return home”:

“160 days ago I landed in (China) to film w today is the final day of that project. An experience I’ll never forget. I’ll have 1 day home then (time) to promote until it’s release 12/21 then, I truly return home  12/26   ”

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