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PHOTOS: Extremely poor turnout for WWE SmackDown Live in Manchester, England

WWE’s SmackDown Live event in Manchester, England tonight had an extremely poor turnout. This isn’t abnormal for WWE nowadays. Fans haven’t been turning up in the numbers WWE would like, however, due to the fact WWE makes the majority of their money through TV deals, it shouldn’t be much of a concern to them.

With that being said, many fans in Manchester reported empty floor seats, several tarped off sections, and fans were moved to the front of the hard camera so it could look full. This isn’t a good look for WWE, who only goes to England once a year. The demand for events seems to be going down.

It’s likely a factor of a poor television product, resulting in fans being reluctant to attend events. Check out some photos here below:

It should be noted, Vince McMahon noted on a recent conference call that WWE has a plan in place to fix this issue. McMahon said WWE will be “reimagining” live events in 2019. It will be interesting to see what exactly that plan consists of.

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