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Seth Rollins kills rumor that the Curb Stomp has been banned by WWE again

Earlier today a writer for Wrestling News Source reported that a source told him WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finisher had been banned again. The move had initially been banned several years ago, but it was lifted in 2017. Rollins took to Twitter to directly deny the report:

This speculation likely began after Monday Night Raw this week. Rollins attempted to hit the Curb Stomp on Dolph Ziggler several times and missed. However, he instead won the match by hitting the Falcon Arrow. It turns out, WWE wants to really get the Falcon Arrow over as a finisher. Fans go nuts for it but WWE doesn’t want that hype to die out when they realize it doesn’t finish matches.

Now that the Falcon Arrow can finish matches, it will make for a hotter near-fall. Here’s what Bryan Alvarez had to say about it on Wrestling Observer Live:

β€œThey’re trying to get over another finish for him,” Alvarez said. β€œHe does the falcon arrow in every match. It never wins. People still go crazy for it. The fact that he won with it is gonna make it a hotter near fall from now on. He went for the Curb Stomp twice in that match and didn’t get it so it’s not like it’s gone.”

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