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WATCH: Mexican Lucha star gets hit in head with concrete block at show, requires surgery to remove blood clot

If you were watching Lucha Memes and Lucha Libre Boom’s “Rumores Blasfoemos” event on +LuchaTV Monday, you witnessed a very disturbing incident. During a match between El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Demonio, Demonio threw a concrete blow at Cuervo outside the ring, and it hit him in the back of the head. Cuervo lost consciousness but woke up moments later. Demonio tossing the concrete block at Cuervo was apparently a receipt for some hard chair shots earlier in the match.

Check out the video below:

Cuervo’s manager took to Cuervo’s official Facebook page to offer an update to fans. Cuervo apparently required surgery to remove a dangerous blood clot from his brain:

“Mr. Victor Arroyo, handler of the raven of Puerto Rico informs us that 15 minutes ago ours entered the operating room to extract the blood clot in the head. From his work team and his family, we ask for prayers for the Raven. Thank you to everyone who has been worried. He will rise!”

🚨 IMPORTANTE El señor Víctor Arroyo, manejador de El Cuervo de Puerto Rico nos informa que hace 15 minutos el nuestro…

Posted by El Cuervo de Puerto Rico on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Demonio was indefinitely suspended by Mexico’s Boxing and Wrestling Commission for his actions.

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