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WATCH: UFC Hall Of Famer arrested for DUI in disturbing video

UFC Hall Of Famer Stephan Bonnar was arrested earlier this week in Las Vegas for a DUI. The former UFC star was speeding, going over 90 MPH, on  I-15 in a red Cadillac CTS around 1:15 P.M. Witnesses detailed that Bonnar was driving like a “maniac.” Several nearby citizens helped highway patrol detain Bonnar, who was barely conscious for the entire ordeal and temporarily resisted arrest. When police searched his car, they found an empty bottle of vodka, an AR15m and a pill bottle for the prescription pain reliever Celecoxib.

Recently some body cam footage has been released of the event, showing the officer on the scene pulling an unconscious Bonnar out of his car and onto the ground. Several citizens helped the oficer handcuff him. It was said that Bonnar became “energetic” after the arrest, and began spasming and resisting to officers. He was subsequently booked on charges for a third-degree DUI, resisting arrest, and unsafe driving. Check out the bodycam video here:

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