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Who is reportedly planned to replace Baron Corbin as WWE Monday Night Raw General Manager

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, it was determined that Braun Strowman would face Baron Corbin in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match. If Strowman wins, he will get his Universal Championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar. If Corbin wins, he’ll become the permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Of course, Strowman is expected to emerge victorious in order to continue his feud with Lesnar heading into WrestleMania 35.

With that being said, it remains up in the air who will become the General Manager of Raw after Corbin. Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently reported that the rumor going around backstage is that Alexa Bliss could end up replacing Corbin as the Raw General Manager. Bliss is currently unable to perform inside the ring due to having suffered several concussions recently. She underwent medical testing this week while in Los Angeles, and there’s still no clear indication as to when she’ll be making her return.

Johnson noted that Bliss’ situation is not similar to that of SmackDown Live General Manager Paige, who is unable to ever wrestle for WWE again due to injury. Johnson did note that plans change all the time in WWE, so it’s unknown if this is “100 percent” the plan.

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