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WWE’s social media department reportedly told not to mention Hulk Hogan

Despite his appearance at Crown Jewel, WWE’s social media and website have remained relatively silent in regards to “The Hulkster’s” return. Several years ago, after Hogan’s sex tape leaked out, it included some harsh racist comments from the Hall Of Famer. As a result, Hogan was released from his WWE deal and black-listed from WWE.

Recently, WWE has slowly been easing Hogan back into the WWE fold. He has been reinstated into the Hall Of Fame and made his first appearance on WWE TV in several years. Hogan appeared at Crown Jewel to open the show, serving as the special guest host at the request of the Saudi Government.

In the days leading up to Crown Jewel, WWE did not promote Hogan’s return. They had a video package ready for the go-home Raw before Crown Jewel but decided not to air it. WWE wants to avoid any bad publicity when it comes to their affiliations with Hogan.

Bryan Alvarez revealed on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live that WWE’s social media department has been instructed not to mention Hogan:

“When’s the last time you saw Hulk Hogan’s name on WWE.com? When’s the last time you saw Hulk Hogan’s name on WWE’s social media. He’s vanished off the face of the Earth.

“The social media department has been told ‘zero Hulk Hogan.’ Not saying that he’s never gonna be back again. I think that they’re just biding their time and he’s going to do his big return again, this time on a show here in the United States. Boy, did he drop off the face of the Earth after that Crown Jewel show.”

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