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AJ Styles comments on losing WWE Title on SmackDown Live

On Tuesday night’s episode of SmackDown Live, the show was main evented by a WWE Title match between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. This came after the two opened up the show by brawling inside the ring. In a shocking move, Bryan turned heel and hit Styles with a low blow during the match when the referee was down.

After landing a flying knee, Bryan picked up the three count and the WWE Title. He proceeded to attack Styles after the win before the show went off the air. Now, Bryan will face Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on Sunday. Styles, who has remained silent since his title loss, took to Twitter to comment on the matter.

“The Phenomenal One” said Bryan has a receipt coming his way:

“The thing about being a real Champion, a reigning, DEFENDING champion is that any day someone can beat you. But holding the title is more than just wins and losses, it’s about who you are as a man. Daniel showed us that last night. And the receipt is coming. #SDLive.”

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