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Bill Goldberg vs. Seth Rollins?

Bill Goldberg appeared on ESPN on Monday to talk about his return to WWE and his upcoming match at the 11/20 Survivor Series in Toronto, Canada.

The segment started out with a clip from August when Rollins was on to promote SummerSlam. Rollins basically said that he could take on Goldberg and he’d fight him any day of the week. There was a ton of buzz for Goldberg that weekend because he was in New York City doing promotional work for WWE 2K17. At the time he had not signed his WWE deal so it’s unclear if Rollins was just having fun with his interview or if there are planting seeds for a potential match down the line.

Goldberg basically said that Rollins better hope that there is nothing left in his tank after the match with Lesnar because he’d serve Rollins’ head on a platter.

Goldberg also talked about his departure in 2004, wheat led to his return to WWE and more. Check out the interview below:

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