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Concern within WWE over John Cena not being available as much next year

John Cena continues to be in-demand in Hollywood as there are more offers for him to do outside projects away from WWE. He seems to be headed on the same path as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent Wrestling Observer radio show that there is growing concern within WWE about John Cena not be available as much as they had hoped for due to his outside commitments.

Cena, who is scheduled to return to action at the Madison Square Garden house show this month, will be filming another movie within a couple of months. It’s safe to say that his days as a full-time WWE performer are done. He will be hosting NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. That is a huge deal and it gets his face in front of another audience that may have not been familiar with him before.

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