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Conor McGregor offers Becky Lynch help in WWE

UFC mega-star Conor McGregor has once again mentioned the WWE. Several years ago McGregor took aim at several WWE stars in the lead-up to a lightweight title fight, sparking tons of reactions from several professional wrestlers on Twitter. McGregor has always been linked to rumors of a WWE run, however, nothing has ever materialized. Currently, McGregor’s fellow countrywoman, Becky Lynch, has taken WWE by storm.

Lynch reigns as the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion and is arguably WWE’s hottest star. Unfortunately, Lynch is currently sidelined with an injury as well, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking aim at her enemies on Twitter. Her trash talk as of late has been phenomenal, and many have begun to compare her to McGregor.

“The Irish Lasskicker” recently took to Twitter to reply to an article comparing her to McGregor, as the article suggested she was “channeling” her fellow countrymen. Here’s what Lynch had to say to that:

“The Man channels no one.  & me are bonded as Irish brother & sister. But if I ever got within 2 miles of him I’d break that bond, and his arm, in three short seconds. I’d be too tempting; he’d completely understand too. Proper12 after.”

McGregor then responded to Lynch’s Tweet, offering to give her some “Proper back up”:

“Call me when you need Proper back up.”

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