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Identities of WWE SmackDown Live Bryant Brothers jobbers revealed

On last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, The Miz and SDL Commissioner Shane McMahon had a very interesting segment. Miz hosted a “Miz TV” segment with McMahon as his special guest. Miz sang McMahon’s praises for leading Team SDL at Survivor Series, although they were defeated by Team Raw. He then dubbed he and Shane the “Best In The World,” which is a play off of McMahon’s WWE World Cup win at Crown Jewel.

Miz then proposed to McMahon that they form a Tag Team with one another. McMahon was shocked by the proposition but didn’t get the chance to answer before Miz brought out two local Los Angeles jobbers to compete against them in a match. Miz never tagged McMahon into the match, and was pinned by one of the jobbers, who went by the names Dane and Wayne, “The Bryant Brothers.”

After the show, it was revealed that the identity of Dane Bryant is independent wrestler Eli Everfly. Everfly competes for the Bar Wrestling promotion and is one-half of a tag team with Delilah Doom. Doom has actually worked as a jobber for WWE in the past as well. Everfly Tweeted out the following after appearing on SmackDown Live:

Wayne Bryant was played by independent wrestler “All That” Keita Murray. Murray actually worked with WWE over the weekend as well, as he played the role of a ringside physician who tended to Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey after she was beaten down by Charlotte Flair with a kendo stick at Survivor Series. Murray also worked for WWE as a jobber in NXT when he was squashed by Lars Sullivan, who is set to be called up to the main roster soon.

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