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New WWE Raw Women’s Champion crowned at Hell in a Cell

The first women’s match to headline a pay-per-view took place at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Vince McMahon made the decision to put the match on last during the last day or two because he was dead set against that idea just a few days ago. Before the match started, they showed a great video package spotlighting some of the women from WWE’ history including Fabulous Moolah, Chyna, Ivory, Trish Straus, Lita and others.

Charlotte came out on a throne being carried by 4 independent workers. It was an entrance similar to Randy Savage when he was playing the Macho King character circa 1989 and 1990. Banks got a great reaction from the hometown crowd in Boston as she got an entrance similar to NXT Takeover in Brooklyn from last year with the car and bodyguards around her. Both women looked like they were about to cry as the cell lowered over the ringside area.

The match got started on the outside of the ring before the cage lowered all the way and that allowed the women to start climbing the cage. Charlotte stopped Banks from climbing up and she powerbombed her through the announcers table. At this point, the match was not officially started because both women had yet to get in the ring. The EMT’s came down to put Banks on a stretcher because of the damage sustained to her back from the powerbomb through the table while Charlotte yelled at the referee to hand the title over to her. Banks ripped off her neck brace and made it back to the ring to start the match. They used chairs and tables in the match but Charlotte continued attacking Banks’ back and in the end she got the win by tossing Banks onto a table twice (it was supposed to break) and then she hit her Natural Selection finisher.

The match was fine but the fans seemed to be waiting for a crazy spot off the cage but there is nothing that can top Mick Foley’s bump from the first cell match. I think fans felt deflated expecting their hometown girl to win the match.

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