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PHOTOS: Jim Ross now sporting two black eyes after recent fall

A few days ago, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross took to Twitter and revealed he took a nasty fall recently. The fall resulted in Ross cutting up the side of his face very badly, and he also got a severely swollen and black left eye. Check out the photo here:

With a few days of healing, it looks like the injuries have worsened a bit. Ross didn’t let his injury prevent him from going to support his  Oklahoma University football team, who won their game over the weekend. Ross shared some photos from his trip, and it appears as though he now has two black eyes. Check out the photos here:

As for Ross’ dealings in the professional wrestling world, he has been in headlines lately regarding his contractual issues with AXS TV. His deal with AXS will expire at the end of the year. Due to the fact Ross is also under contract with WWE until March, he will not be able to re-sign with AXS until he becomes a free agent. That means Ross won’t be able to call Wrestle Kingdom 13.

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