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WATCH: Enzo Amore gets kicked out of WWE Survivor Series

It looks like former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore tried to crash Survivor Series. Amore was spotted in the second row just behind the hard camera and was wearing a hoodie in an attempt to keep low key. It was an interesting week for Amore, who was kicked off a plane recently for allegedly refusing to stop vaping.

Also, earlier today Amore released a song about his ex-girlfriend and current WWE star Liv Morgan. While at Survivor Series, Amore later stood up on his chair and begun to cause a scene. He was later escorted out of the arena by security. Bryan Alvarez of F4Wonline reports that the Staples Center has banned Amore from all future events.

Also, a fan seemed to have been injured during the ordeal. A woman who was near Amore reportedly sustained an arm injury and a stretcher was brought out for her. She can be seen in one of the videos showcasing Amore being escorted out, as she is knocked down during the incident. Check out the videos and photos here:

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