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WWE had an interesting plan for AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan at Crown Jewel

Daniel Bryan has officially been replaced for his match against AJ Styles for the WWE Title at Crown Jewel. Bryan is reportedly refusing to work this weekend’s Saudi Arabian show due to the controversy going on within the country. Instead, Bryan faced Styles on this past Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live. Now, Styles will face Samoa Joe at Crown Jewel instead. However, before removing Bryan from the card, WWE was considering some alternate choices.

Per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE was considering holding the match at a technology center near the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Also, there was talk of making the match an empty arena bout instead. There were just a few issues with these suggestions. For one, it would look bad if WWE were trying to fool the fans into thinking Bryan and Styles were actually in Saudi Arabia. Also, an empty arena match would be difficult with no fan reaction.

Not to mention the negative media reaction either decision would receive if they decided to go through with them. When it was all said and done, WWE decided to have Bryan lose on SmackDown before adding Joe into Crown Jewel.

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