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WWE says Paige “tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug”

Just hours after Paige’s family took to social media to rip on WWE for suspending Paige, WWE has responded in a statement to the New York Post. Paige’s family has gone on social media and claimed that Paige failed because she did not have get her prescription medication approved by WWE.

It turns out, according to WWE’s statement, that prescription meds had nothing to do with her wellness policy violation. WWE said, “Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug.” They also added, “In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

That statement contradicts what Ricky Legend, wrestler and Paige’s father, said on facebook. He wrote, “My daughter has had a long term neck injury which imo has not be dealt with. i would have ask my daughter to return to UK For help with this injury as help and direction in the USA Has not been forthcoming imo. She has been in pain and out of in ring action for a fair while now and has been prescribed pain killers which apparently is against the wellness program.” He also said that she did not fail a drug test.

The question is what happens with Paige? She is currently serving a 60-day suspension and still needs to get neck surgery. It will be interesting to see where WWE goes from here. It does not seem likely that she will be wrestling for WWE again. Stranger things have happened but the odds are strongly against her returning.

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