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WWE will reportedly keep using Roman Reigns leukemia references for Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins storylines

There was a lot of controversy surrounding last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. To advance Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose’s storyline, WWE used Roman Reigns’ real-life leukemia diagnosis to build up some heat. Many fans complained about this on social media, calling it poor taste on WWE’s part. This isn’t the first time WWE has done something like this. Several years ago, after Eddie Guerrero’s passing, WWE had Randy Orton tell Rey Mysterio that Eddie went to hell.

Many backstage weren’t happy about the decision, including Orton himself, however, they had to follow through with the script written out for them. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reports that this isn’t the last time fans can expect WWE to use Reigns’ leukemia diagnosis in their storyline with Rollins and Ambrose. The report suggests that they’ll continue to do so in order to get more heat on Ambrose.

If you missed Ambrose’s mentioning of Reigns in his promo last night, check it out here:

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